• Established

    2008. Guest ranch since 2015
  • Owner / Manager

    Adam Henderson and Ema Morales
  • Tel

  • Open

    Jan-Apr, Dec
  • Nightly Rates (per adult)*

    $855 - $953
  • Minimum Stay

    5 days
  • Maximum Guests

  • Works with travel agents?

  • Great For

    Action & adventure, Peace & quiet, Pampering, Solitude, Diverse scenery
* Rates will vary based on Season and Accommodation selection. Please contact the ranch directly for Date Request, Availability and exact Rate quote/proposal

There is no place in the world that has as many diverse fly fishing waters condensed into a relatively small area, as Patagonia, Chile!

From the temperate rainforest waters of Chile's coast to the arid semi-desert land bordering Argentina, Flywise Anglers' guide and lodge service accesses all the best waters – in most cases, via exclusive private access points that no other outfitter can offer!

Flywise Anglers' lodge and fly fishing guide service is strategically located in the epicentre of Chilean Patagonia's best fly fishing waters. There is a lifetime of waters to discover and fish within a short traveling distance from the lodge.

Located 30 minutes northwest from Balamaceda airport and 20 minutes southeast of Coyhaique, the lodge is perched upon the mountainside overlooking the Simpson valley below. Guests can take in the incredible view over some of the rivers and lakes that will be fished during the course of the week.

The view is remarkable, unforgettable and ever-changing with each hour of the day. Truly big sky country, anglers can get a good sense of direction, location and prevailing weather prior to departing on their dialy fly fishing excursions.

Flywise Anglers has recently added a second lodge on the shores of Lago Misterioso and offers an incredible split-destination program. This allows guests to comfortably experience all the best and very diverse waters in our area, now from two properties.

Good time to go

Flywise Anglers is open November through April.

Children at the Lodge

Great for children aged 10 and over

Children age 10 years old and above are welcome. Guided fishing tours are based on two anglers sharing one guide, so normally children will accompany an adult on daily fly fishing excursions.


hiking, biking, picnics


board games

Environmental & Social Practices


Flywise Anglers staff are dedicated to protecting and preserving the pristine waters of Patagonia, Chile.

Every effort is made to be environmentally friendly and we strive to leave no footprint.


Working with the local community is essentail for Flywise Anglers' operation.

Campasinos give us exclusive access to remote fishng destinations and are often a part of the daily excursion logistics from hosting to saftey. All food is locally sourced.


Flywise Anglers excersizes a zero footprint policy. Guides and staff are proud of the pristine Patagonia, and every effort is made to preserve the resources used.


The main lodge was constructed in 2013 and 2014 from native Lenga trees and flat rocks from the property.

Lago Misterioso Lodge was added to the program in 2023.

Your Manager, Adam Henderson and Ema Morales

Adam Henderson and Ema Morales are the owners, operators and hosts of Flywise Anglers Lodge and fly fishing guide service, Patagonia, Chile.

Ema Morales speaks fluent English, Spanish and German, and has been a tour guide for the last 25 years in her native land Patagonia, Chile.

Adam Henderson has been guiding fly fishermen for 35 years in Canada and 24 years in Patagonia Chile. He has also been head guide and/or manager for many operations in both hemispheres, and has the experience and knowledge to maximize the potential of your fly fishing trip to Patagonia, Chile.

Your manager


  • Types of water

    Lakes, Streams, Rivers
  • Rivers you can fish on

    Simpson, Huemules, Aysen, Manihuales, Niregauo, Blanco, Paloma, Guillermo.
  • Types of Fish

    Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout.
  • Fishing Experience Level

    Beginner, Intermediate, Experienced
  • Guided Fishing Included in rates

  • Unguided Fishing not available

  • Fishing Instruction Included in rates

  • You can borrow

    Flies, Hats, Fishing Nets.
  • Bring your own

    Rods, Flies, Reels, Boots, Hats, Waders.

The Setting

Flywise Anglers provides guests with an incredible and unforgettable fishing experience set in the most exotic, dramatic landscapes imaginable. In Patagonia it is impossible not to be amazed every day!

We are proud to be located here and our guide team is eager to share over 50 years of combined experience fishing and exploring with you!

Flywise Anglers Lodge and fly fishing guide service in Patagonia, Chile caters to the expectations of both novice and experienced anglers.

We offer a flexible guide service, adapting each daily fishing program to the prevailing conditions and angler preferences.

The diversity and quantity of water over multiple watersheds in Chilean Patagonia provides many opportunities to fish your choice of fine dries, large terrestrials, nymphs, or streamers, in both still and moving waters.

Guests can expect to fish a variety of waters from dense, exotic, temperate rainforest to arid semi-desert landscapes during their fly fishing adventure.

The resident brown and rainbow trout are eager to investigate large terrestrials including beetles, spiders, mice and anything else that may fall off a cliff, cut bank or tree!

Fish are often seen stalking adult dragonflies as they fly above the water and are eager to demonstrate their impressive acrobatic abilities in pursuit of them.

The Fishing

Last season, we developed a new feature for our program – we now have exclusive vehicular access to over 50 kilometers of the Niregauo river and its tributaries!

This is walk-and-wade terrestrial fishing at its best, and the numbers and size of fish are truly incredible.

This river has been famous for some time and has an indisputable reputation of being one of the finest grasshopper fisheries on the planet – it's just a short distance away from our new lodge on the shores of Lago Misterioso.

The Niregauo river is only but one of the many incredible fisheries we feature during a week in our program and we look forward to sharing these special waters with you!


Trophy hunting

For trophy hunters with a steelhead angler mentality dedicated to finding double digit brown trout on a dry fly, or for any angler wanting to try their luck catching the biggest trout of their lives, we know where to find them!

Most of the time we entice them to the surface with big dry flies and sight fishing to one of these monsters is the ultimate experience!

Cerro Castillo

Trophy hunting large brown trout in Cerro Castillo with dry flies on lakes all in front of incredible mountain views is an overwhelming experience!

Cerro Castillo is arguably as, or more, spectacular than the famous Torres Del Paine and even just driving there is worth the trip. Once the fishing is experienced, it is a place that will be forever dominant in your memories.


Simpson Valley

Walk and wading, or floating the Simpson, Aysen, Manihuales and Huemules Rivers. These are our home water rivers from our main lodge and the upper Simpson River is just minutes away.

The Simpson River and its tributaries are full of both brown and rainbow trout and is one of the most prolific river fisheries in Patagonia. Our main lodge features an incredible view overlooking the Upper Simpson Valley, a valley where it is easy to get lost in fishing for a lifetime!

Many smaller rivers, spring creeks and lagoons are available in this area, and options are limitless in normal weather conditions.


The Paloma River system

The temperate rainforest waters of The Paloma River system, including Lago Elizalde, Paloma, Azul, Desierto and Caro are near our location, just across the Upper Simpson Valley we see from the lodge.

Flywise Anglers has exclusive access to the heart of the Paloma River and provides specialized jet boats called 'Catajets' to navigate both rivers and lakes in the system.

Referred to as 'Jurassic Park', many anglers enjoy returning to this beautiful river and lake system where, once again, a lifetime's-worth of fly fishing is hidden within the mountains.


Lakes and lagoons

Fishing one of the many head water lakes in the Niregauo area with dry flies has captivated many core return anglers to the point that they only fish lakes in Patagonia!

Bone fish like sight fishing on shallow water flats for very large trout is exciting and understandably addictive.

Flywise Anglers operates November through April and we promote dry fly fishing. In most cases, the best action is on the surface with large terrestrails.

Weather is the biggest factor that governs the bite and overall fishing experience.

November and December can be considered spring fishing, and the fish are usually eager and hungry after winter. Fisheries are just waking up with the first warm weather that begins at this time of year. 

January and February can be considered summer fishing, featuring trout agressivley hunting dragonflies, grasshopers and other large terrestrails.

March and April can be considered fall fishing and beautiful fall colours in April are stunning.

Weather is the roll of the dice in Patagonia and there are no guaranteed dates that are better than others.


  • Enjoy

    Gourmet, Ranch-style, Health oriented
  • Meals served

    meals roll with days activities, everyone eats together
  • Alcohol

    wine provided with dinner
  • Enjoy dining in

    nature settings, patio, dining room (casual attire)
  • You'll definitely love

    ranch-raised beef, ranch-raised chicken, farm fresh eggs, ranch garden, organic produce, locally grown produce, fresh daily bread, fresh daily desserts
  • Dietary restrictions catered for

    lactose intolerant, vegans, vegetarians, Gluten free, other

Due to Flywise Anglers' low occupancy, we offer a food and beverage service catering to each individual guest's dietary requirments and preferences.

To be prepared, Flywise Anglers requests all dietary requirements and preferences well in advance.

Our philosophy regarding food and our services in general, is to be flexible and highly-personalized, based on a standard of execellence.

Guest Favourites

  • Traditional Chilean Asado (lamb BBQ)
  • Homemade pastas, specifically our chef's Lasagna
  • Locally-sourced seafood, specifically the Conga Eel.


Chilean wines are famous and we are proud to offer a wide variety with our dinner service.

During the course of each week, Flywise Anglers provides a wine presentation given by our local expert, connoisseur and provider of wines.

Guests will be informed with in-depth details about specific wineries of interest to them and the wines they produce.

At the end of each presentaion or conclusion of the week after sampling some of Chile's finest wines, folks will have the opportuntiy to purchase wines directly from our provider if desired.

Wine-loving guests will never be disappointed with Chilean wines and will enjoy the surprise and anticipation of which wine will accompany their evening meal.

We work with the following vineyards; Montes, Morande, Clos Apalta, Concha y Toro, Errazuiriz, Santa Emiliana, Viu Manent, Santa Carolina and many more.

All the wines we provide are from the central region of Chile and come from the following valleys: Valle de Aconcagua, Casa Blanca, Maipo, Colchangua, San Antonio, Curico and Maule among others.

The red wines we serve are as follows: Cabernet Sauvignon, Carmenere (grape only found in Chile), Merlot and Malbec.

The white wines we serve include Sauvingnon Blanc and Chardonnay.

Your Chef, Carlos Lepio

Carlos has been the head chef at many lodges and high-end restaurants in Coyhaique for over 35 years.

His experience is unparalelled and is reflected in the wonderful meals he produces.

Carlos is retired from working year-round in restaraunts, but he loves to work with Flywise Anglers during the season, providing his excellent service to our guests.

We are lucky to have him on our team!

Sample Menu

  • Appetizers

  • gourmet salad including ingrediants from our greenhouse
  • Traditional Chilean Empanadas
  • Homemade soups
  • Entrées

  • Filet of beef locally sourced
  • Homemade lasgana
  • Conger Eel
  • Traditional Chilean Lamb Asado (BBQ)
  • Desserts

  • manjar ice cream
  • manjarate
  • Tiramisu


  • Address

    Sector El Salto Camino Lago Frio S/N
  • Remote Location

  • Elevation

    2400 ft

Nearest Town - coyhaique

coyhaique has a population of 80000 (approx), and is situated 10 miles / 30 mins from the Ranch.

Facilities in coyhaique include: grocery store, pharmacy, church, school, post office, medical clinic, hospital, bank, atm, gas station, museum.

For shopping coyhaique offers: small hometown necessity shops, boutique shops.

Nearest Airports

Balmaceda, Balmaceda


30 miles / 1 hour

Ranch shuttle

yes, all inclusive


  • Nightly Rates (per adult)*

    $855 - $953
  • Minimum Stay

    5 days
  • Preferred Arrival Day

  • Preferred Departure Day

  • Style of accommodation

    Ranch rustic
  • Packages available

    1 week, 2 week
* Rates will vary based on Season and Accommodation selection. Please contact the ranch directly for Date Request, Availability and exact Rate quote/proposal

Flywise Anglers can cater for up to 6 guests. See below for details and indicative rates.

Lodge | Lodge

Rates (Per Person)*

$855 - $953
* Rates will vary based on Season and Accommodation selection. Please contact the ranch directly for Date Request, Availability and exact Rate quote/proposal

Rates (Additional Info)

Experiencing new waters, cultures, landscapes and traditions are an integral part of Flywise Anglers Lodge and fly-fishing guide service in Patagonia, Chile.

The guides and staff are experienced professionals and are dedicated to creating incredible adventures, lasting memories and friendships.

2023-2024 rates and reservations are valid until December 30, 2023

Maximum 6 anglers per week

6 nights, 5 days guided fly fishing, all inclusive                                              $5,130 USD
7 nights, 6 days guided fly fishing, all inclusive                                              $6,160 USD
13 nights, 12 days guided fly fishing, all inclusive                                        $12,320 USD
14 nights, 13 days guided fly fishing, all inclusive                                        $13,345 USD

Single Angler private room                                                                         $220 USD/day
Single Angler private guide                                                                         $330 USD/day

Minimum Stay

6 nights


Both lodges you'll visit during the course of the week feature double occupancy rooms with a private bathroom.

If an angler wishes to reserve a private room and guide, additional charges apply




Private bathroom


plush bathrobes


hot tub

Booking Policy


A 50% deposit will secure your reservation. Deposits must be received within two weeks of the reservation. Final payments are due 60 days prior to the trip date. We accept payments by money order, check or wire transfer.

Terms and Conditions

Flywise Anglers and/or Adam Henderson and/or Ema Morales shall not be responsible or liable for any claims, losses, damages, costs, delays, or loss of enjoyment of any nature or kind whatsoever to you or your travelling companions or group members, resulting from the acts, omissions, or negligence of anyone including Flywise Anglers and/or Adam Henderson and/or Ema Morales.

To the best of Flywise Anglers' and/or Adam Henderson’s and/or Ema Morales' knowledge and information, the itinerary, description and information given about the fly fishing adventure is accurate. However, Flywise Anglers and/or Adam Henderson and/or Ema Morales shall not be liable to you for any change of itinerary due to unforeseen circumstances.

Guests are required to be in good health and sound medical condition prior to and during their trip. Flywise Anglers and/or Adam Henderson and/or Ema Morales must be made aware of every guest’s personal special medical or dietary requirements prior to and throughout the trip.

Cancellation Policy

Rain cheque or rollover credit:

If you find it necessary to cancel your trip due to unforeseen circumstances, such as travel restrictions due to a global pandemic, every effort will be made to protect your trip, while taking care of staff and ensuring that our business survives financially, so your investment and the lodge/guide service does, too.

If you are forced to cancel your trip, a 'rain cheque' or rollover credit for the next season, valid for up to three years from the initial booking date, will be issued in your favour.

The credit will be valid for the amount paid, which will not include lodge rate increases in the future. The credit will be transferable to other anglers. If a rain cheque credit is issued, the credit will be valid for the same week or the closest week possible for the following season if the chosen week is not available.

If the credit is not used within three years of the initial booking date the credit will be void.

Refund of deposit

Six months from the date your deposit is received your deposit is 75% refundable, or subject to a rain cheque or rollover credit.

After six months from the date your deposit is received, your deposit is 50% refundable or subject to a rain cheque or rollover credit.

Sixty days prior to your trip date, both your deposit and final payment are non- refundable, but subject to a rain cheque or rollover credit. Please notify us immediately if you find it necessary to cancel.

In the event Flywise Anglers finds it necessary to cancel the trip due to extreme weather or unforeseen circumstances, your payment will be subject to a rain cheque or rollover credit.

Receipt of deposit and/or final payment is acknowledgement that the registrant has read and accepts the Terms and Conditions, and Cancellation Policy. Travel insurance is highly recommended to protect your trip investment and should be considered mandatory.

Included in your stay

meals, activities, ranch shuttle, lodging, All transfers to and from Balmaceda Airport, Coyhaique, Chile and the lodge, accommodations based on two anglers sharing a room with private bathroom, daily guided fly fishing based on two anglers sharing one guide and a fly-fishing licence. All meals and liquor are included.



The rate does not include gratuities, personal gear, rods, reels or flies.


Usually ranges between 15-20%


Available upon request, additional charges apply


Not available

Guided Fly Fishing

Daily excursions


  • You can borrow

    Rain coats
  • Communications

    Wireless Internet/Wifi, Flywise Anglers' main lodge has cellular phone coverage. Our lodge on Lago Misterioso has only high-speed internet.
  • Business Services

    printers, Flywise Anglers provides wireless high speed internet.



Local arts, crafts and jewlery can be purchased at the lodge.

A Coyhaique city tour can be arranged for shopping upon guests request.

Outdoor Activities

climbing, mountain biking, bird watching, Flywise Anglers can arrange a variety of alternative activities upon request. Activities include hiking, trekking, kayaking, bird-watching, scuba diving, horseback riding, national reserve/park tours and Coyhaique city tours. Additional charges may apply.

Water based Activities

hot tub, river floating, Flywise Anglers offers both daily walk and wading, or floating fly fishing excursions


relaxation massage, deep tissue massage, Additional spa services can be arranged and must be requested minimum two days in advance at an additional cost. Due to the close proximity of our main lodge to Coyhaique city, specialists can be coordinated to provide their services at the lodge. These services are not available at our remote lodge on Lago Misterioso

Additional Services

Corporate Retreats

For groups of under 20.

Maximum occupancy of the lodge is 6 anglers.

Local Attractions

Marble Caves on Lago General Carrera

Explore the incredible marble caves via boat on Lago General Carrera.

This tour is guided and can be arranged as an alternative activity from Flywise Anglers' main Lodge.

Additional charges may apply.


100 miles / 2 hours 45 mins

Ranch shuttle

included with guided tour

Cerro Castillo

Cerro Castillo is noted to rival the famous Torres Del Paine in southern Patagonia, Chile.

Visiting the town, hiking and trekking can be arranged as an alternative activity from Flywise Anglers' main lodge near Coyhaique.


60 miles / 1 hour 15 mins

Ranch shuttle

included in guided tour

National Parks and Reserves

National park/reserve tours can be arranged from Flywise Anglers' main lodge outside of Coyhaique.


10 miles / 30 mins

Ranch shuttle

included in tour


  • Flywise Anglers offers a unique, exclusive, low occupancy, highly personalized lodge and fly-fishing guide service in the heart of the many diverse waters of Aysen in Chilean Patagonia.
  • There are few places in the world that can parallel the diversity, quantity and quality of the fly fishing waters accessible from Flywise Anglers Lodge. Guests can expect to fish for some of the biggest and most abundant brown and rainbow trout, and Chinook salmon in arguably some of the most beautiful places on the planet.
  • Perched on the side of a mountain, the view from the lodge is remarkable, unforgettable and ever-changing with each hour of the day. As a result, each day anglers can get a good sense of direction, location and prevailing weather prior to departing on their fly fishing excursions.
  • Aside from the incredible fly fishing, there are other non-fishing activities and tours available, a hot tub on request, gourmet meals with local, fresh ingredients and transfers to and from the lodge are included, too.


  • Be aware that the fee does not include any equipment, rods, reels or flies, you must bring your own in your luggage.

Visitor Reviews

Dont just take our word for it, see what visitors like you say...

Great fishing all season!

I have been visiting Flywise Anglers since its inception in 2015 and I have visited in January, February and March – the fishing is great over the whole season! All the other amenities are great, too and the fact that they only allow six guests means you receive plenty of personal attention. The meals and wine provided at Flywise Anglers are superb, and with so few people, personal requests can be easily handled. The accommodations could not be more comfortable and there are two separate lodges which provide a large variety of fishing locations – each of which not only offers different fishing, but also gives you an abundant amount of beautiful scenery. Flywise Anglers’ hosts (Adam and Ema) and all the guides speak superb English, therefore eliminating any communication barrier. I am 82 years old and will continue to go there as long as I am able!