Kind words from our ranches and lodges


Gene, I want to express my overwhelming appreciation for all your efforts. You are the authority in this field, keep up the good work!


Like all classics, you have to start with the original. Gene Kilgore has dedicated his life's work to our industry and has set the foundation for others to follow. We have benefitted from his commitment – he is the leader in the field and we are very grateful!


I just want to thank you for your beautiful emails to all of the ranches! I know I feel it is an honor to work with you and I’m sure all of the ranches feel the same way. Thank you for all that you do! We appreciate your friendship and hard work on our behalf every single day.

Bitterroot Ranch, Wyoming

Gene is such a great inspiration for me!

Craig Fellin, Big Hole Lodge, Montana

Gene Kilgore holds the same passion not only for preserving the Western way of life, but for sharing the authentic ranch experience with travelers around the world. His genuine approach to making connections with not just business partners, but personally with everyone he meets, shines through every aspect of his business. We are grateful to work closely with Gene and his brands, and for building this ranch community based on friendly hospitality and care.

Brush Creek Ranch, Wyoming

Gene Kilgore single-handedly introduced dude ranch vacations to the world, encouraging travelers from all walks of life to visit these amazing places. Gene champions dude ranch vacations, starting with his book 'Ranch Vacations', creating Ranchweb, taking over the reins at Top50 Ranches, and launching Fly Fishing Vacations and Wellness Ranches. There is no better representation in the ranch vacations industry and to be associated with such a committed group of professionals, and represented globally is a distinct privilege.


I have known Gene Kilgore for over 30 years and he has become not only a big help for our business with Fly Fishing Vacations, but he's also become a dear friend, for whom I have the utmost respect.

Craig Fellin, Big Hole Lodge, Montana

We've had the unique opportunity to grow alongside Gene Kilgore and his now vast empire, from the very beginning. For over 30 years, it has been our distinct pleasure to work with Gene, who is as genuine as he is innovative. His passion for promoting the Western experience and lifestyle has been instrumental in turning around this once-dying industry! He truly cares, takes the time to go the extra mile and it shows through in the results. Even now, with so many prominent ventures, he still prioritizes time to connect with his clients personally. Gene and his team reach out and check in regularly, to ensure that your business is receiving the absolute best exposure, directly to guests and travel agents alike. But he also cares how your family is doing and can’t wait to have you visit sometime when you’re in town! With so many options out there to choose from, their 'white-glove' client service sets them far above the rest, and their product and results speak for themselves. All of Gene’s sites give guests the opportunity to narrow in on what they really want on a clean and easy-to-use platform, enjoying the process along the way. It can be difficult to maintain something beautiful that is also fun to use for browsing and booking – they have truly achieved what they set out to create. We cannot express how thankful we are to Gene and his team, for bringing us along for the ride!

Triple Creek Ranch, A Montana Hideaway

We stand in awe! You are like having all the railroads rolled into one and then accomplishing even more.